Selling a townhome is no easy feat these days in Maple Grove. There are lots of homes for sale, and prices are very competitive. Lane stuck with us through thick and thin. He was always professional, always available and always ready to answer our questions. He made sure that our home was as marketable as possible, only asked for price concessions when absolutely necessary, and went so far as to sacrifice his own personal gain just so we could get out home sold. 

In the end, he succeeded in getting us the best price possible for our home (sold over the holidays!); and more importantly, he negotiated a great deal on our new home. This made everything worthwhile. The negotiations and closings went off without a hitch. He is not your typical fly-by-night real estate agent. Lane is the real deal. 

We would recommend him without ANY reservations.

- Brian and Diana Soderholm
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Mortgage Calculators

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Should You Rent or Own?
This calculator will help you figure out if you will be better off renting or owning a home.


How Much Home Can You Afford?
Find out how much your mortgage payments should be.


Mortgage Payment Calculator
Have you found a home you'd like to purchase, but wonder what your payments will be?


15 Year vs. 30 Year Mortgage Calculator
Find out which is better for you.


Refinancing Calculator
Should you refinance your current mortgage?


Equity Calculator
How much equity do you have on your current home loan?


FHA Loan Calculator
Can you qualify for an FHA loan?


Monthly vs. Biweekly Payment Calculator
Find out how biweekly payments affect your mortgage.


Points vs. Interest Calculator


Which Loan is Better?
Both of these calculators compare two mortgages: one with a lower interest rate, and one with fewer points.


Closing Cost Calculator
Estimate your closing costs here.






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