Open House Etiquette

79073966Open houses can be a lot of fun, especially when the house you are looking at is everything you’ve ever wanted and is in your budget. But sometimes, it may take you a handful of open houses before you finally find the perfect match. We put together a list of things to keep in mind while attending multiple open houses.

1. This first tip is pretty obvious but we still have to reinforce it: use your manners. Be polite to the agent and the home owners. Remember, they are letting you into their home, so don’t be rude! This rule seems easy enough, but sometimes after a few open houses, the process can seem a little monotonous and we can forget to be courteous.
2. If asked to sign-in or give your information, do it. This is not only to get your information for potential openings but also for extra security measures, especially when most real estate agents are alone with strangers for the majority of their job. Additionally, it is always smart to keep track of who was in the home just in case there are any damages or missing items.
3. Consent to the homeowner’s wishes; if the host wants you to take off your shoes while inside the house, do so. If they would prefer no cell phones while touring the house, then stuff that cell phone in your pocket.
4. If you have an agent of your own, make sure to mention that to the agent directing the open house so they don’t try to solicit you.
5. Be careful when making remarks about the house. Make sure the seller is no longer in ear shot when making critical comments, so as not to be insulting or rude. Although, if you do notice something like mold or damages, do point it out to the realtor.
6. If you bring your children, make sure to keep an eye on them and don’t let them run freely about the house.
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