Nifty Small Remodeling Ideas

Alright, so these little remodeling ideas may be a bit outlandish, but who said that was ever a bad thing? We found this great BuzzFeed post called “43 Insanely Cool Remodeling Ideas For Your Home” and we picked out a couple that we thought were pretty cool and could potentially be pretty easy to do as well! For the full post, visit

1. Display your books under the stairsbookshelf stairs
Do you have an open staircase where you can either see the side or the back end of the stairs? If so, try making it into a book shelf. Not only is it extra storage, but it also dresses up your stairs.





2. Baseboard drawers
Instead of just empty space under your kitchen cupboard, or under your bed, why not add drawers? In the kitchen, these drawers would be prefect storage for cookie sheets, cutting boards, and pizza pans. While in the bedroom, the drawers can act as a dresser leaving extra space in the bedroom.









3. Walk-in shower walk in shower
Instead of having a glass door, why not have no door at all? With a walk-in shower, you don’t have to worry about keeping the glass door clean.






4. Install a slide knife block drawerslide out knife drawer
Having a knife block as a small drawer is a perfect way to create more counter space and to keep the knives out of view from small children.




5. Add recessed hallway lights
These little lights are easy to install and are more polished looking than plug-in night-lights.

recessed hallway lights





6. Add curtains to your deck or porchcurtains
Want to make your patio look a little more fancy or add some privacy? Just add curtains, quick fix!





The Monson & Larson Real Estate Group has been helping homeowners with remodeling ideas in the Twin Cities for over 20 years. Not only are these ideas great for spicing up an existing home, you can also plan to incorporate them into a new home construction project.

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