Is Your Home Winterized Yet?

Winter is here and as many of you know by now, living in Minnesota means snow, ice, and frigid weather. You all should be experts by now on winterizing your home for the snow and ice storms to come, but we, at Monson & Larson, thought we would organize a nice little list of tips and tricks to avoid freezing inside your house this winter

1. Seal up those windows.
Saran wrap will be your best friend by the time winter is over, although, we are aware that snow is not the most flattering thing to drape your windows with, but as we like to say, function over fashion, my friends! Personally, we would much rather be nice and toasty warm with slightly hideous windows during the winter season than have nice looking windows and be freezing our buns off, don’t you agree?

2. Avoid drafty doors.
I know it sounds pretty simple but all you have to do is grab a draft stopper at your local convenience store and set it at the bottom of your door. If you’re really crafty you could even make your own! All you need is a little fabric, rice and a sewing machine.
3. Clean or replace your furnace filters
Dirty filters can reduce airflow and increase the energy demand, which in the long run will cost you more. And that is one thing we do not want, so run to a hardware store and replace those furnace filters.
4. Reverse your ceiling fans
Weird, we know. But by reversing your fans to rotate the opposite way, it is supposed to produce warmer air. Easy quick fix.
5. Stock up on hot chocolate and extremely soft blankets
Seriously, what is a winter season without hot chocolate and being buried under a nice pile of warm blankets? Invest in some quality snuggle gear and a fireplace. And all of your other worries will disappear.

We’ve got at least four more months of winter weather, so take care of these winterizing suggestions now! If you want to learn more or have any questions about winterizing your home, give The Monson & Larson real estate group a call and they can help you with any home advice or questions you may have. The Monson & Larson real estate group has been helping families in the Twin Cities for over 20 years. Give us a call at 763-694-1048 today!

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